Friday, 8 April 2011

First Post! Fave Body Moisturiser

Welcome to anyone who reads this post, its my first, yay!

Ok, so one of my all time must have products is Palmer's Cocoa Butter. This is my body moisturiser of choice. It smells yummy, everytime i wear it i smell like chocolate mmm... but it is one of the best things I've ever found for keeping my skin so soft. Its great for winter as its creamy enough to keep your skin from drying up in those horrible cold dark months. In the summer i love it just as much, even though it is thick and you may not want to wear a lot of it on hot days when the sun is out but it is amazing to put on at night after a shower and you wake up with baby soft skin. On your legs after shaving for me it keeps any regrowth softer so therefore not as noticeable and to prep your skin before applying false tan (use in the morning after shower then apply your false tan at night) then use it while you have your false tan on because once your skin is nicely moisturised it will hold the tan for longer and fade less in those horrible patches everyone hates. Last but not least this little gem is also great as a hand moisturiser.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I have a few more reviews coming up to include all time fave's and also some new products that I am testing out and will review once I've had a little longer using them. So please come back soon.... :)